Success Story: Brooklyn Kings Theatre

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As one of the five Loew’s Wonder theatres in New York City, the 3,767-seat Kings Theatre in Brooklyn opened on September 7, 1929. Designed by the architectural firm Rapp & Rapp, it was decorated by Harold W. Rambush. The theatre was a Loew operated movie theater until 1977 when they sold it due to low attendance and high maintenance costs.

Because the theatre has such a hard time generating large audiences, many of the big ’70s blockbusters like Jaws, and Star Wars weren’t screened there. Instead it played mostly kung-fu movies and B-horror movies. Despite this, the theatre actually introduced some individuals who would eventually become famous actors, into the film industry. Many celebrities like Sylvester Stallone and Henry Winkler started out as ushers here.

In 1979 it was sold again, but then seized by the city for back taxes owed by the company that purchased it. Ultimately, the Kings Theatre slipped into disrepair like all the others on this list, the only difference being that there was actually a successful renovation project. The New York City Economic Development Corporation announced a $70 million renovation project in partnership with the ACE Theatrical Group of Houston, and in 2015 the successfully restored the Kings Theatre into a once again thriving theatre.

Untapped Cities was one of the first organizations to offer a tour of the renovated Kings Theatre, in partnership with the New York City Economic Development Corporation in 2015. See photos here.

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