Moving Empire State Buidling-Thunderbird Comics-NYC

One of our favorite articles is about the buildings in New York City that have literally been picked up and moved. Most of these were smaller houses, but all 3,700 tons of the Empire Theatre on 42nd Street was moved in 1997. On a larger, more imaginary scale is the moving of the Empire State Building, as depicted in the 1960s Thunderbird TV comic by Graham Bleathman from England. In the ’90s, the Thunderbird series was re-released as a comic book with new drawings.

In this scene from Terror in New York City, plans to move the Empire State Building began this year, in 2016, to rebuild a large swatch of Manhattan from Union Square to Central Park. Some key buildings, like the Empire State, are going to be preserved while the rest demolished urban renewal style.

Moving Empire State Buidling-Thunderbird Comics-NYC-002

By 2024, the mythical firm “Universal Engineering Corporation” is hired to build a lift gantry to stabilize the skyscraper during the lifting process, which would take place in 2026 using four hydraulic jacks. Before this, the foundations are eliminated and replaced by metal structures.

Moving Empire State Buidling-Thunderbird Comics-NYC

Preservationists would decry the fact that the lower levels, including the lobby, would be “internally gutted and rebuilt to provide extra strength.” The Empire State Building would be pulled by a trolley along large “heavy-duty” tracks placed underneath the building.

We never find out if this fancy engineering plan works or not because the Empire State Building collapses, trapping a reporter and cameraman in an “underground river.”

Special thanks to Louis Fernandez of the Hausmannhattan Project for alerting us to this!

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