TatsCruTatsCru at work on mural for #NotACrime Mural Project

In an effort to raise awareness about human rights abuses, religious persecution, and denied access to higher education, the organization Education is Not A Crime will be putting this agenda front and center when the President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, arrives in the United States for the United Nations General Assembly meeting on September 13. The campaign, known in social-media as #NotACrime, will be comprised of fifteen murals painted on walls all over Harlem and East Harlem.

The murals are curated by the New York based group, Street Art Anarchy, in partnership with the #NotACrime campaign, and have brought to this project street artists from all over the World, as well as renowned artists in our own backyard – with names like TatsCru, Astro, Franco the Great, Alexandre Keto, Ricky Lee Gordon, Rone, and Elle.

TatsCruThe site is a schoolyard located on Madison Avenue and 127th Street in East Harlem

Madison Ave & 127th St for NotACrime
TatsCru getting an early start on Madison Avenue and 127th Street in East Harlem

The program, which began in April, will conclude with fifteen murals, each expressing the importance of education, and respect for human rights and religious freedom. Untapped Cities will bring you all the murals in our September Outdoor Art Installation Roundup at the end of this month. But here is a preview of one of the murals, painted this week by TatsCru, which is located at 2005 Madison Avenue at 127th Street in East Harlem.

TatsCruThey are working on a mural as part of the #NotACrime Mural Project


TatsCruThey began in the morning, and finished the mural by the end of the day


Still on view is The Audubon Mural Project and the Monument Art Project, as well as the new Essex Street Market Murals, and enormous murals in the Bronx by Kenny Scarf and Victor Matthews for Krinos Foods. Get in touch with the author at AFineLyne.