7. Newtown Creek

Newtown Creek seems to be every film location scout’s prime choice for where shady deals need to occur. In shows ranging from Jessica Jones to Mr. Robot, this zone is still very much activated with industry. There’s the Newtown Creek Disester Eggs, often prominently featured in shows because of it’s award winning architecture. In the scene in Luke Cage, you only see the elevated glass walkways of the Digester Eggs. ExxonMobile still operates out of the area and is an active partner in the Greenpoint Oil Spill Remediation Project, cleaning up the damage of the 50+ refineries that once operated here. Within this zone is Broadway Stages, a film production facility that hosts sets for shows like GothamThe Good Wife, and Blue Bloods.

The scene here, showing the meeting between Stokes and detective Rafael Scarfe, who is on Stokes’ payroll is shot from the Long Island City side of Newtown Creek behind Railroad Avenue. Not surprisingly, sinister deeds take place with Stokes shooting Scarfe.