11. Alpha 1 Deli with Method Man

Photo: Myles Aronowitz/Netflix

Luke Cage is on the run after escaping his arrest, following the hostage situation at Harlem’s Paradise. He breaks free of the armored van he’s being held in and a police officer who sympathizes with Cage’s mission lets him go. He’s heading down the street the next day when he pauses and Revolution Books in Harlem to allow a cop car to pass him. While waiting, he sees two guys put on masks and enter Alpha 1 Deli at 132nd Street and Malcolm X Boulevard/Lenox Avenue.

While the guys are holding up the deli, one recognizes Method Man, takes off his mask and says, “My bad, Meth, I grew up on that Wu-Tang shit. But you know how it is.” Cage comes in and beats the guys up. Method Man recognize Luke Cage and there’s a great exchange where both go, “It’s you, yeah, it’s you.” “No man, it’s you.” Cage asks to use Method Man’s hoodie so they switch, and then later the hoodie with bullet hole look becomes a fashion trend and statement.