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The second season of Luke Cage is here and thanks to the expansion of the plot line, film locations have extended to even more of the five boroughs.

Luke Cage debuted on Netflix in 2016, following Jessica Jones and Daredevil. Fans of Jessica Jones already knew who Luke Cage is – he appeared as a bartender with special powers in the show last year. Thanks to a freak event, his body is immune to things that kill must people like gunshots and he’s super strong. In Jessica Jones, he’s keeping it low key while working in the Horseshoe Bar after the loss of his girlfriend in a horrific bus crash. In his own show, he’s up in Harlem working multiple jobs as a sweeper in a barbershop and as a dishwasher in a Harlem club and becomes a bit of a celebrity by season two.

The show shoots some of the locations right in Harlem but filming actually takes place all around New York City. The opening sequence features notable places like The Apollo and the Harlem Casino/Loew’s Seventh Avenue Theater. The location that figures most obviously in the opening imagery is the University Heights Bridge, which is technically much further north in Inwood at 207th Street, which spans the Harlem River to the Bronx.

Season 2

1. Pop’s Barbershop

Photo: Myles Aronowitz/Netflix

Pop’s Barbershop is back as a location in the second season, and our staff spotted the set facade reappear at at 181 Malcolm X Boulevard, on the corner of 119th Street, during the shooting for the season. This storefront, on the lower floor of a Harlem townhouse, is currently vacant. Malcolm X Boulevard also goes by its original name, Lenox Avenue, and the section of the avenue where Pop’s Barbershop is located is part of the Mount Morris Historic District. And of course, the avenue is one of the many places to remember Malcolm X.

Pop’s Barbershop is known as the “Switzerland” of Harlem, where members of opposing groups temporarily hold off their beef. Luke Cage (Mike Colter) works here sweeping up hair and doing the laundry. At the end of the first season, the facade is destroyed but it’s since been repaired. Making rent is a new struggle, however.

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6 thoughts on “NYC Film Locations for Luke Cage, Netflix’s Marvel Show Set in Harlem

  1. El Barrio Restaurant Bakery is where Shades gets arrested in the final episode, and Yes, he mentions Cuchifritos which is just up the same street.
    Not hard to find the Carls Schulz Monument near Columbia University. Where Luke and Danny get perspective on things.
    The High Bridge is where Bushmaster again beats Luke.

    1. Thanks Glenn! We haven’t gotten to the rest of the second season yet, sadly! But soon!

  2. The theatre where Luke and Diamondback fight in ep. 7 is the United Palace at Broadway and 175.

    1. It is indeed! It’s now in the article (though it’s actually in episode 8). Untapped Cities once hosted a tour in the United Palace, it’s gorgeous!

  3. Someone needs a tour of uptown!

    Nobody says, uses “Malcolm X” to give directions, people use “Lenox Ave.” or “Seventh Ave.” Since that is what the NYC Subway uses

    The indigo Arms at 119 & Lenox, was a B&B and the lower level used as event space.

    Jackie Robinson Park is bound by Edgecombe Ave on the West and Bradhurst on the East.

    1. Harlemites often take short-cuts in referring to our streets, but when describing our fair Village to the public, we choose to honor Seventh Avenue with a name associated with the rich history of our Village – Malcolm-X Boulevard. Not taking away from my friend, who owns Indigo Arms, our article is about a Netflix Series. We will save our mention of shops, restaurants and B&B’s for another post. You may message me for information on an up-to-date Harlem Map, which will be on view this month on Malcolm-X Boulevard.

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