DNAinfo has published an interactive map (fun or not fun, you decide) about neighborhoods, based on election district data from the 2016 Election. Citywide, 18.4% of New York City voted for Donald Trump, the lowest at 9.56% in the Bronx and 9.87% in Manhattan. The highest was on Staten Island with a whopping 56.86%, followed by Queens at 21.99% and then Brooklyn at 17.8%.

nyc-2016-election-donald-trump-hillary-clinton-by-neighborhood-voting-results-staten-islandRed Staten Island

Scrolling down by neighborhood, some of the lowest neighborhoods for Donald Trump (highest votes for Hillary Clinton) included Rugby-Remsen Village in Brooklyn (1.98%). Stuyvesant Heights in Bed-Stuy (1.9%), East New York (2.03%), Clinton Hill (2.15%), Brownsville (2.16%), Prospect Heights (2.16%), Central Harlem-North Polo Grounds (2.24%), and East Flatbush-Farragut Hill (2.33%).

nyc-2016-election-donald-trump-hillary-clinton-by-neighborhood-voting-results-manhattanBlue Manhattan

nyc-2016-election-donald-trump-hillary-clinton-by-neighborhood-voting-results-queens-brooklynSouth Brooklyn goes red and dense pockets of Queens

nyc-2016-election-donald-trump-hillary-clinton-by-neighborhood-voting-results-bronxThe Bronx goes mostly blue

See the interactive map on DNAinfo. You can also see the results of the down-ballot races here.

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