A blue and white campaign sign erected on the front lawn of the Lefferts Historic House proudly proclaims “I’m with Hillary 2016.” It is one of many currently decorating the front lawn of the Lefferts Historic House inside Prospect Park, placed there by artist Nina Katchadourian. Her piece, “Monument to the Unelected,” features lawn signs for all 57 candidates who ran for the United States Presidency and lost, beginning with John Adams in 1796.

At 12 p.m., on the Wednesday following Election Day, Katchadourian added her newest sign honoring Clinton, as defeated Democratic Party supporters removed their own campaign posters and signs from their homes. Katchadourian, who designed each sign from scratch using corrugated plastic sheets (none are historically accurate), began the project in 2008 after being commissioned by the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art in Arizona. Since then, she has presented the piece every election cycle to present “a view of the country’s collective political road not taken.”


Although Katchadourian’s project does not take sides, it does prompt viewers to quietly ponder “what ifs.” At the close of Election Day, it also provides a place for Hillary Clinton supporters to “mourn” her recent lost.


The “Monument to the Unelected” is on view through November 13th. See a colorful array of signs decorated with campaign slogans like “A World of Difference” (Al Gore), “In Your Heart You Know He’s Right” (Barry Goldwater) and “The Massachusetts Miracle” (Michael Dukakis).

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