7. Perpetual Revolution: The Image and Social Change at International Center of Photography

Perpetual Revolution: The Image and Social Change is the first of three 2017 exhibits exploring the impact of photography and visual culture on society, as the International Center for Photography kicks off its “Year of Social Change.”

Perpetual Revolution examines the overwhelming number of provocative and violent images we are faced with every day, and how this new digital method of display and distribution are producing social change. The exhibit presents six critical issues, transformed by visual culture. They are #BlackLivesMatter, gender fluidity, climate change, terrorist propaganda, the refugee crisis, and the right-wing fringe. With each of these issues, the exhibit will feature both still and moving images by activist artists, and videographers, which will underscore the importance of photojournalism and documentary photography. Millions of people now carry image-making devices, creating a constant flow of current, visual content. Perpetual Revolution explores how this instant dissemination of photographs has changed our modern-day world.

Perpetual Revolution: The Image of Social Change will be on view until May 7, 2017, at the International Center of Photography, located at 250 Bowery. Also opening on January 27, is “Unwavering Vision #1: 3160 Images of Social Change” from the ICP Collection. This is an interactive multimedia presentation installed in the free public space at 250 Bowery. This piece incorporates more than three thousand images dealing with social change, and broadening the conversation.