11. Celebrating the Heart of New York in Times Square

image.aspx Times Square Arts Untapped Cities AFineLyneTimes Square Valentine Heart Design Competition. Image courtesy of Urban Design Forum

Celebrating the Heart of New York, the Times Square Valentine Heart Design Competition presents the winning proposal from The Office for Creative Research, and their installation entitled We Were Strangers Once Too. This installation highlights the role that immigrants have played in the founding, development and continued vibrancy of New York City. It consists of data from the 2015 American Census Survey, placed in sculptural form in 33 metal poles, inscribed and hued to represent the national origins of foreign-born New York City residents. As viewers walk around the sculpture, perspective changes, and the sculpture comes together in an iconic heart. This year’s heart is not only a visual object, but also invites dialogue and conversation as it explores and champions the value of diversity, specifically the city’s immigrant populations, new and old.

We Were Strangers Once Too, curated by The Urban Design Forum, will be on display in Times Square from February 7 to March 5, 2017.