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Here’s what the Untapped staff is reading in the HQ today:

  • Here’s a giant image of Putin caressing a pregnant Trump projected on a New York Apple store [Business Insider]: Anyone visiting the Apple store in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood got an unusual surprise on Tuesday night: a giant projection of Russian President Vladimir Putin caressing a very pregnant Donald Trump.
    • The Met Makes Public-Domain Artifacts Free to Use [PC Mag]: Even if you’ve never visited New York City, you know the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. You may not have wandered the Cloisters’ medieval gardens, but you’ve seen the museum’s unicorn tapestries in such movies as The Secret Garden, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. Perhaps you’ve never visited the Temple of Dendur at Fifth Avenue, but you might have read about the Met’s high-profile acquisition of Van Gogh’s “Wheat Field with Cypresses.”
      • NYC Day Without Immigrants: Stores, Restaurants Close; Thousands Attend Rallies [PATCH]: Immigrants in New York City protested President Trump’s travel ban and recent ICE raids by playing hookie from work and school on Thursday. Word about the “A Day Without Immigrants” strike spread across social media, and demonstrations happened across the country.
        • The Urban Lens: Fall for New York City from a helicopter during ‘golden hour’ [6sqft]: We couldn’t think of a better day than this frigid Friday to lose ourselves in the warm glow of Manhattan during golden hour. Having ventured where many would dare not go—i.e. several thousand feet up in the air in a doorless helicopter—artist Alexey Kashpersky shares photos of his recent sky-high journey above New York, revealing a glorious metropolis at daybreak shining a fiery red and orange. From the piers of Battery Park City to hovering just above the tip of the Chrysler Building, lose yourself ahead in the quiet beauty of our dear city.

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