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In the next week, there are “untapped” events large and small happening in the city from an 1100 person meditation atop 1 WTC to tours of a small farm, an art foundry, and talks about NYC’s green spaces.

Saturday, March 18th

We have two tickets that just opened to our 2pm tour of the Secrets of Grand Central Terminal. Snatch them up!

Tour of the Secrets of Grand Central Terminal

Join Local Roots NYC on a visit to the Wild Fox Farm in Pennsylvania. They’ll be touring the gardens, greenhouse, and introducing you to their new lambs.

Sunday, March 19th

The Big Quiet is taking over One World Observatory at the top of the World Trade Center. In collaboration with Kit and Ace, 1100 people will share a mass meditation and sound experience set to a breathtaking skyline. The evening will feature an intergroup prologue, string musicians, vocalists and live DJs. The event will take place in sessions starting at 9 PM.

Earlier in the day, catch our next tour of Gritty Old Times Square with guide Bob Brenner who lived through the peep show fantasies of the 1970s.

Gritty Old Times Square

Monday, March 20th

The Brooklyn Historical Society is hosting a book talk on City of Dreams: The 400-Year Epic History of Immigrant New York with author Tyler Anbinder. He’ll shares the sweeping story of how newcomers have continually helped to define and redefine this city and country over the past few centuries. Get tickets here.

The American Museum of Natural History will open its new exhibit on mummies. Mummies offers an up-close look at one of the largest collections of mummies housed in North America. From ancient Egypt to pre-Columbian Peru, the exhibition explores the intersection between societies, their environment, and the preparations they made for their dead.

Wednesday, March 21st

An expert panel will discuss the History and Future of Criminal Reform at CUNY. Panelists include Alex Vitale, author of City of Disorder and the forthcoming work The End of Policing, details the rise of “broken windows” theory and practice in the decades afterward. Martin F. Horn, former Commissioner of the Departments of Probation and Correction under Mayor Bloomberg and the current Executive Director of New York’s Sentencing Commission, shares his thoughts on the future of the local carceral system. Gabriel Sayegh, a key figure in the legislation rolling back the “Rockefeller Drug Laws,” speaks about reform under De Blasio and Cuomo, and where it might go in the era of Trump.

The Brooklyn Historical Society hosts the event, “Whose Park? Equity in NYC’s Green Spaces” with Tupper Thomas, former Executive Director of New Yorkers for Parks, moderates a candid discussion with Ford Foundation President Darren Walker, former Brooklyn Bridge Park President Regina Myer, and Brooklyn Deputy Borough President Diana Reyna.

Friday, March 24th

It’s the 106th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire and there will be an official commemoration to the lives lost from 11:30 am to 1 pm.

Our behind the scenes tour of the Modern Art Foundry, where many of NYC’s most recognizable sculptures are created, is sold out but you can join us on new dates we have added for this spring.

Behind-the-Scenes Tour of Modern Art Foundry

 Top 10 NYC Events

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