Here’s what the Untapped Cities staff is reading in the HQ today:

1. Prospect Park will get a public art piece made from 7,000 paper pinwheels [Curbed NY]: Renovations of Brooklyn’s Prospect Park will continue with a project commissioned by the Prospect Park Alliance. Entitled “The Connective Project,” this new installation will feature 7,000 pinwheels made of biodegradable material, and will work as a tribute to the long-dead rose garden that used to bloom in the park in the early 20th century. The Alliance is also hosting a collective design workshop for those interested in making their mark on the project.

2. Governor Cuomo and the MTA announce a competition to fix the NYC subway system [6sqft]: As part of an ongoing effort to improve the state of NYC transit, Governor Cuomo has launched a contest that will award grand prizes of $1 million to three proposals for revisions to the NYC subway system. Almost six million people ride the subways every day, and the need for improvements to the system has become increasingly clear. Cuomo’s contest is asking for ideas concerning WiFi on the subways, new designs, and more, and is one of several new initiatives designed to help improve the state of the MTA.

3. How going alone to East Williamsburg’s Secret Dungeon Changed My Life [Brokelyn]: Finding a moment of total solitude in New York can be a challenge. One writer took her search for quiet to the extreme, journeying all the way to a dungeon underneath the streets of Brooklyn, its presence signified only by a mysterious arrow taped to a lamppost. The experience that followed was, in her words, “magical.”

4. A walking tour of 1767 New York [Curbed NY]: The year before the Revolutionary War, NYC was a hotbed of tension. During this time, a soldier named Bernard Ratzer journeyed across New York City, creating the most comprehensive map of that time period. The map actually doubles as a plan, showing concepts for roads that had not been created at the time. In this article, James Nesuvius compares Ratzer’s map to lower Manhattan today.

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