Here’s what the Untapped staff is reading in the HQ today:

  • See an all-male, completely nude staging of Hamlet in Prospect Park this summer [Time Out]: Fans of William Shakespeare and/or naked people may recall that a local company called Torn Out Theater made news last year with an all-nude, all-female production of The Tempest. From August 10 through August 13, the same troupe will further explore the Bard’s body of work with a naked all-male staging of Hamlet.
  • A Suffragette Restores Her Dream Home, an 18th Century Stone Cottage in Kingston, N.Y. [Brownstoner]: Tired of renting, in 1919 suffragette, home economist, writer and lecturer Annie Eliza Pidgeon Searing began hunting for her dream cottage, ending up with a decaying 18th century stone cottage in Kingston, N.Y. She embarked on a restoration adventure at a time when interest in all things early American was high and “ancient” houses were being rediscovered. With the help of a restoration architect, she transformed the dilapidated little structure at 142 Pearl Street into a modern, livable home.

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