Here’s what the Untapped staff is reading in the HQ today:

  • Frank Lloyd Wright-designed house and heart-shaped private island ask $15M upstate [6sqft]: This private island upstate in Putnam County has an incredible backstory and stunning home (it’s also located just 15 minutes by plane from Manhattan, via the houses’s rooftop helipad), and it’s up for grabs at an ask of $14.92 million. Mansion Global shared the tale of how a Frank Lloyd Wright home, designed by the architect to rival his iconic Fallingwater, ended up on the grounds of this 11-acre, heart-shaped property known as Petra Island. See a Lego Statue of Liberty rise in under a minute
  • This week’s New Yorker cover perfectly renders NYC’s summer of transit hell [Curbed NY]: When Governor Andrew Cuomo said that New York commuters would endure a “summer of hell” this year, he was referring to the track work that would take some trains at Penn Station out of commission. But as summer has progressed, that phrase has become more applicable to the problems—aging infrastructure, constant delays, derailments, you know the drill—that have gripped the NYC subway.
  • Glamping comes to NYC with a pop-up at Fort Tilden [Curbed NY]: Glamping—the absurd portmanteau meaning “glamorous camping,” or camping for people who don’t really like camping—has become more of a trend in the past few years, with dedicated resorts and short-term rentals promising an outdoorsy experience without all of the less-fun trappings of that sort of trip.

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