15. The Strand’s many celebrity appearances

The Strand’s popular readings and events often draw well-known guests to the Strand, and celebrities also like to shop there. Bill Clinton dropped by unannounced in 2015, cast members from Sex and the City were spotted there, and David Bowie was a frequent Strand-goer. Bowie expressed his love for the store, saying, “It’s impossible to find the book you want but you always find the book you didn’t know you wanted.”

Actor Ian Harding also claimed to go there, saying, “I always go to the Strand Book Shop. It’s such a tourist trap, but I always go. I love books—I’m a huge nerd.”

The Strand has hosted several celebrities, both literary and otherwise, during its events, including James Franco, Junot Diaz, David Sedaris, Marina Abramovic, and America Ferrera.

And of course, there was the time when Untapped Cities met Ringo Starr at the Strand to celebrate the publishing of his memoir.