Know Waste Lands

The space along Myrtle Avenue between Dekalb and Cedar was just an empty lot until 2013, until the composting group BK Rot got ahold of it. The area is now a community garden space and composting site called Know Waste Lands, which is deceptively spacious and filled with flowers, vegetables, and fruit trees. The idea behind it is to bring together eco-friendly neighbors to get rid of their compost and enjoy the same natural space. There is even the opportunity for some neighborhood kids to earn extra money by picking up neighbors’ compost bags and bringing them to the garden. Its definitely worth stopping by if you’re in the area.

Know Waste Lands is located at 1309 Dekalb Avenue.

Maria Hernandez Park

One of the things that defines the atmosphere of a neighborhood is the number and quality of the parks there. In the case of Bushwick, it is honored to be home to the great Maria Hernandez Park. The park is named after the community leader who worked to rid the block by the park of drug dealers, and was consequently shot in her home. Despite this somewhat gruesome backstory, the park today is a must-visit part of the neighborhood.

There are a couple other parks in Bushwick, however Maria Hernandez truly seems to capture the essence of the neighborhood. All sorts of people can be seen in the park during the summer. Large trees cover the western edge of the park in refreshing shade, and there are usually some flowers out. It is lined with interesting bars, bodegas, and restaurants, while the park itself features a playground, sporting areas, and a dog park for both big and small dogs.

Maria Hernandez Park is bounded by Knickerbocker Avenue, Irving Avenue, Starr Street and Suydam Street.