Here’s what the Untapped staff is reading in the HQ today:

  • Bringing a New Nitehawk to a Tattered Art Deco Cinema [The New York Times]: By the time the new Nitehawk Cinema opens in Park Slope early next year, many essentials will have been brought in: new air-conditioning, heating, electricity, plumbing, as well as Kona, the bedbug-sniffing dog.

  • Subway Therapy Returns With ‘Dear Charlottesville, Love New York’ Post-It Mural [Gothamist]: You may remember that in the immediate aftermath of Donald Trump’s election victory, thousands of New Yorkers took to the subway tunnel under Union Square to register their anger, shock, despair and confusion in the form of Post-It notes.
  • Park Slope Artist Invades Brooklyn with ‘Tiny Battles’ [DNAinfo]: Park Slope artist Justin Captis is scattering miniature skirmishes between toy soldiers across the borough and leaving the pint-sized conflicts as a reward for observant New Yorkers.

  • The ‘Night Mayor’ Cometh! NYC Set To Establish First Ever Office Of Nightlife [Gothamist]: Assuming a city council vote goes as it’s expected, New Yorkers will soon be getting their own City Hall advocate for sensible nightlife policies. A bill poised to pass the council later this afternoon would give Mayor de Blasio two months to appoint a Director of Nightlife, who will oversee the newly-established Office of Nightlife.

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