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  • Next Repair at Penn Station: Fixing Those ‘Disgusting’ Bathrooms [New York Times]: Now that the summer that was not very hellish is over and Amtrak officials have restored normal operations at Pennsylvania Station, they are turning their attention to the most reviled places in the building: the bathrooms.

  • Could NYC be a Contender for Amazon’s New North American Headquarters? [Curbed NY]: On the heels of Amazon’s big announcement that it is planning its first headquarters beyond its Seattle home base, Crain’s reports that New York is looking at a bid for the corporate giant’s new headquarters.
  • Brooklyn Bike Jumble Returning to Park Slope this Weekend [Brokelyn]: Brooklyn Bike Jumble, “New York’s only bicycle flea market,” is returning to Park Slope this Saturday, September 9, from 10am to 4pm for its 9th annual Jumbling.

  • In Harlem, They’re Still Dancing the Original Swing [Village Voice]: It’s often said that the closing of the Savoy Ballroom, the Lindy hop’s great cathedral until 1958, was the death of swing, at least until its resurrection in the 1980s. For the dancers of the Savoy themselves, however, swing never died. Some of the place’s legends are even still dancing.

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