Here’s what the Untapped Staff is reading in the HQ today:

  • Williamsburg Film Festival Leaving for Manhattan [Brooklyn Paper]: This weekend’s Williamsburg International Film Festival won’t be held in its namesake nabe — or even in the borough — because hosting it in the hip enclave has become dull, according to event organizers, who are staging the showcase on the distant isle of Manhattan instead.
  • NYC Mayoral Election 2017: How to Vote in the Primaries [Curbed NY]: The New York City mayoral election is happening on November 7, and although it’s still a ways off, its primaries are quickly approaching—that vote will happen this Tuesday, September 12. Read on for everything you need to know about voting in NYC’s 2017 mayoral primary election.

  • Jacob’s Pickles Triumphantly Reopens Thursday On Upper West Side [Gothamist]: In February, a 4-alarm fire swept through 509 Amsterdam Avenue, causing major water damageto brunch mainstay Jacob’s Pickles…Have your Lipitor at the ready though, folks, because Jacob’s Pickles will reopen on Amsterdam Avenue on September 14th for dinner service.
  • Video: Subway-Riding Snake Manspreads Across Entire Pole [Brokelyn]: Among the more subtle ways to identify a tourist is the amount of pole they occupy.

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