The Italian chocolate manufacturer Ferrero International S.A. is looking to open the world’s second-independent Nutella Cafe in the United States. This cafe will open in a 2,200-square foot space in Greenwich Village at 116 University Place on East 13th Street because of its proximity to the popular Union Square.

“[The] area bustles seven days a week and draws people from all over the city,” a source knowledgeable of the opening told the Commercial Observer.

The cafe in Greenwich Village will open at the base of an under-construction residential condominium with a 10-year lease with an asking rent of $350 per square foot. Developers Ranger Properties and KD Sagamore Capital will erect a seven-story retail space at the 116 University Place location. With only one unit per floor, there will be six retail spaces in the building, with the Nutella Cafe being the only retailer.

The world’s first stand-alone Nutella cafe opened in Chicago in late May 2017 with very long lines. The cafe served all types of creative treats featuring its namesake, like crepes, gelato, pies, and croissants, and a variety of savory options including savory crepes, sandwiches, soups, and salads.

While Nutella has had pop-ups across the country and has a featured Nutella Bar in Eataly at 200 Fifth Avenue, the cafe in Union Square will be Ferrero’s second attempt at a stand-alone location. An opening date is unknown at the moment, but stay tuned for more information!

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