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  • Uber, Surging Outside Manhattan, Tops Taxis in New York City [New York Times]: Uber has deployed thousands of black cars across Manhattan, going bumper-to-bumper with yellow taxis for passengers and fares in lucrative commercial and tourist areas. But the ride-hail app has increasingly shifted its focus to the city’s other four boroughs, where frustration over subway overcrowding and delays and fewer taxi options have made it the ride of choice for many.

  • Giant Clock on East River Counts Down Days Left in President Trump’s Term [DNAinfo]: New Yorkers with views of the East River may have spotted a row of bright-red digital numbers affixed to a building on the Queens waterfront. The mysterious display is actually a clock counting down the time left in President Donald Trump’s first term.

  • Lorraine Hansberry’s Greenwich Village: From ‘A Raisin in the Sun’ to Civil Rights [6sqft]: Lorraine Hansberry, the trailblazing playwright, activist, and Nina Simone song inspiration was perhaps most closely associated with Chicago. But in fact she lived, went to school, and spent much of her life in Greenwich Village, even writing her best known play “A Raisin in the Sun” while living on Bleecker Street.
  • A Step Is Not Just A Step At The Newly Revamped Eleven Madison Park [Gothamist]: This summer, Eleven Madison Park closed for an extensive revamp that included addressing issues like an out-of-date kitchen and changing the restaurant’s Art Deco design. On October 8th, the restaurant reopened with an updated look—and an updated menu—including new art pieces, one of which was literally made with materials from the restaurant’s old kitchen.

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