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  • Clever Disguises for Ugly Garbage Cans Boost Curb Appeal in Brooklyn Front Yards [Brownstoner]: Whether it’s a front stoop stacked with flower pots or an elegant apartment building with boxwood planters, we all want a home with curb appeal. But Brooklyn residents must deal with the inconvenient reality of garbage storage amidst limited outdoor space, and trash spilling over from unsightly containers can ruin the first impression of your home.

  • NY’s Public Transportation Ranked Best In North America? [Gothamist]: This morning the B and Q were messed up, so I had to take three trains to work, two of which turned into other trains while I was on them. It was with some surprise, then, that I saw a new report ranking public transportation in New York the best in the country—though really, that says more about the rest of the nation than the MTA.
  • Preserving a Cluster of Fishing Shacks From Hudson’s ‘Forgotten’ Past [New York Times]: The 17 shacks, once used as year-round residences by fishermen, are considered one of the last remnants of “Old Hudson.” Efforts are underway to save some of them.

  • The Death and Life of Mom-and-Pops [Curbed NY]: In September, an article about a Silicon Valley startup called Bodega incited outrage in the world of social media. The concept was that this company would put little automated stores, resembling glass-fronted IKEA bookshelves, in apartment buildings to eliminate stressful trips to the grocery store.

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