Freedom Tunnel. Image via Brian Goldfarb

Brooklyn-based photographer, Brian Goldfarb, is looking to bring a dash of whimsy to a city built upon grey concrete and industrial skyscrapers. We recently came across his surreal images (h/t Laughing Squid), which depict various places in New York City through an imaginative filter. One particularly unique location is inside the Freedom Tunnel, the Amtrak tunnel beneath Riverside Park, a popular urban exploration spot. 

Whether it’s a woman floating away with her balloons or a random door in the middle of a road, Goldfarb’s illusionary photos take a lot of crafting and planning. On his Instagram, @briangophoto, he explains the lengths taken to capture the perfect photo.

In the case of the image with the balloons, taken in Prospect Park, he writes:

“Anna flying away. To get this shot Anna had to stand on the top of a tall ladder (not the top rung, but the actual top) on her tip toes. Storm clouds were coming in and it was starting to get a bit windy which made shooting the balloons difficult. Anna, wanting to make sure the photo looked good, stayed on top of the ladder in the wind till the balloons cooperated and we had the shot. The ladder was erased later in Photoshop. Special thanks to Anna for making this photo possible.” 

See more of his images below:

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Anna knocking on a door in the middle of the street in the summer of 2016. This is a shot I had wanted to do for a long time. After a sunrise photo with Anna on the Brooklyn Bridge, we were wandering around Little Italy very early in the morning. I had mentioned to Anna weeks earlier that I wanted to try a photo with a door in the middle of the street with someone knocking on it. As we walked through Little Italy Anna saw a door someone had discarded on the side of the road. We carried it for two blocks before finding a good street to shoot on. Special thanks to Anna for helping with this photo. #surrealismartcommunity #justgoshoot #model #modellife #professionalmodel #topmodel #portraitphotography #modelphotography #modelcall #modelmaterial #modelagency #nyc #newyork #door #knock #knocking #road #street #surreal #white #vsco #vscocam #vscogood #vscogallery #thenewyorklifeinc #nycprimeshot #icapture_nyc #ig_nycity #newyork_instagram #newyorkcity

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#instagood #art #cool #beautiful #nofilter #photooftheday #pictureoftheday

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 Freedom Tunnel, photographer, Prospect Park

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