3. LIU was the First to Bring the NY Philharmonic to Long Island

LIU’s Tilles Center for Performing Arts is the premiere concert hall in Long Island. Not only has it had over 70 performances each season during its 37 years of operation, it has also housed some of the best-known musicians of all time, including Yo-Yo Ma and Idina Menzel. It was even the recording location for Bruce Springsteen’s, Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town. 

Those accomplishments are all certainly impressive, but LIU has yet another major thing to brag about. For years the New York Philharmonic was something you could only see in the city: after all, they are the New York Philharmonic. Yet, someone in the Tilles Center was persuasive enough to coax the New York Philharmonic to take a trip to LIU’s iconic theater, marking the very first Philharmonic show in Long Island.