Here’s what the Untapped Staff is reading in the HQ today:

  • A Tired Brooklyn Transit Hub Is Finally Getting Attention [New York Times]: New York City officials aim to transform Broadway Junction from a pass-through to a destination stop with offices, stores, restaurants and other amenities.

  • Hotel Bossert: The Opulent Destination Hotel of Brooklyn Heights [Brownstoner]: The Hotel Bossert at 98 Montague Street is a survivor from Brooklyn Heights’ grand old days as a busy hotel destination spot and social hub. Although not as large and all-encompassing as the Hotel St. George, the Bossert was certainly the most opulent of Brooklyn’s grand apartment hotels.

  • How a Changing Landscape Brought Down the Mob in Brooklyn [CityLab]: The mafia was an unlikely victim of Brooklyn’s gentrification. Hipster coffee shops and Edison string lights aren’t the whole reason South Brooklyn’s mob scene has faded away, but the arrival of upscale businesses and yuppies was a contributing factor.

  • The Urban Lens: Vintage Photos Document the Origins of Black Friday Shopping in NYC [6sqft]: Like today, New Yorkers of the early 1900s were drawn to the magical window shops and displays. Ahead, explore vintage photos of shoppers browsing New York City stores looking for the perfect presents, postcards and more.

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