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  • Collection of antique Valentines explores expressions of love over three centuries [6sqft]: While a simple and perhaps less swanky gesture than diamonds and roses, a Valentine’s Day card remains one of the most popular ways to say “I love you” every February 14. This year Americans will exchange about 190 million greeting cards during the holiday, spending nearly $1 billion on them. A collection of antique paper Valentines from The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens proves this is not a 21st-century phenomenon.
  • Free tattoos to cure “Bleeding Hearts” on Valentine’s Day [amNewYork]: Evan Kim, who specializes in fine line and single-needle work, will be permanently marking folks with a single colored heart inspired by the “Lovewall/Bleeding Hearts” mural seen in SoHo (and around the world) by artist James Goldcrown.
  • State may intervene to close Rikers Island sooner than city’s timeline [CurbedNY]: The New York Times got its hands on a report published by the The Commission of Correction, a state body that oversees New York City’s jails. The report details how in many cases the conditions worsened at Rikers from 2016 to 2017. This report will be presented to Governor Andrew Cuomo and the state legislature, according to the Times.
  • People Are Literally Spending $45 on Gold-Painted Nutella for Valentine’s Day [EaterNY]: Today, your Instagram feed will be beset with disembodied hands splitting open a giant heart-shaped bonbon. The captions will implore you to turn the sound on “for that satisfying crack” and almost certainly include some delightful gag about how “this is the only heart you want to break on Valentine’s Day.”

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