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  • The Evolution of the Apartment [The New York Times]:Whether it’s a prewar walk-up, an airy loft, a garden flat or a sky-high glass-and-steel cube, New Yorkers have long felt at home nestled above and below our neighbors. But it wasn’t always so.
  • NYC Bodegas Are Suffering a Doritos and Cheetos Shortage [Eater NY]: Good luck finding a bag of Fritos, Doritos, or Cheetos, because there’s apparently a Frito-Lay shortage at New York City bodegas. Due to a significant pay cut — up to 33 percent — for Frito-Lay drivers, many have quit, and therefore the supply chain is dwindling. The snack company, which is part of of PepsiCo, maintains that “participating sales representatives have on average seen an increase in overall compensation,” but here in NYC, some drivers saw their pay decrease by $30,000, the Post reports.
  • Banksy’s Bowery Mural Is Already Defaced [Bowery Boogie, previously on Untapped Cities]: Well, that didn’t take long. Banksy’s seventy-foot mural at the Bowery Wall is already tagged to submission. Street writers made quick work of the spartan statement piece, scribbling over the messaging with red paint. In addition, another artist decided to reinterpret Banksy by putting Trump behind bars in this adjacent wheat-paste.
  • Inside look at KGB Bar, a vestige of the East Village literary scene [amNewYork]: A faint red hue illuminates the door frame of one of the East Village’s last literary hangouts, the KGB Bar on East Fourth Street. Perhaps it’s fitting that this neon glow almost seems like a secret invitation to enter the space, located in a building that owner Denis Woychuk calls “Culture House,” a space retaining its identity as a literary bar when many other cultural institutions in the neighborhood have come and gone.

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