3.  Mott Haven East Historic District

The Mott Haven East Historic District was designated on April 5, 1994, and consists of a small enclave of rowhouses and tenements on East 139th and 140th Streets, between Willis and Brook Avenues. One of the oldest settled areas of borough (and the first in The Bronx to be developed with rowhouses), according to the 1994 Landmarks Preservation Commission designation report, this district is comprised of three groups of single-family rowhouses and two groups of tenements that exhibit stylistic elements of neo-Greco, Queen Anne, Renaissance-inspired, and Flemish Revival buildings — much like those found on the Bertine Block.

This first two groups of rowhouses on East 140th were built by developers William O’Gorman and Hermann Stursberg, both of whom completed other projects in the neighborhood. The third set was also built by O’Gorman to the designs of architect William Hornum. Additionally, one of the group of tenements was designed by Neville & Bagge and the other by George F. Pelham.