2. Roosevelt Island Tram

Roosevelt Island tram
The bright red tramway system carrying commuters from Manhattan to Roosevelt Island and back was established in 1976 as a temporary means of transportation for island residents while they waited for the completion of the Island’s subway link. However, by the time the link was there, the tramway had already become an integral part of mode of transportation, so it continued to operate and became permanent.
The 250-foot high aerial tramway sits above the East River and connects Roosevelt Island to the East Side of Manhattan at 59th Street and 2nd Avenue. The tram follows a route on the north end of the Queensboro Bridge and spans 3,100 feet from end to end. Today it remains a crucial part of New York City’s transit system, with a $25 million renovation in 2010 by the French company Pomagalski, SA (Poma). Leitner-Poma of America operates the tram but you can use a Metrocard on it, with fares shared with the MTA, which allows you to transfer to the bus or subway.
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