3. Unframed, Ellis Island at 100 Franklin

Less than a year after the ballerina went up at 100 Franklin, JR and his team went back to Tribeca to install a new piece over the old one. The piece “Unframed, Ellis Island” piece is 95-feet tall and is a blown-up photograph of a group of immigrants on Ellis Island in 1908. In this one-minute time-lapse video, you get to see how JR and his staff install the wheat-pasted work of art, one piece at a time. In 2014, JR placed pieces in abandoned hospitals on Ellis Island. He would later film a documentary titled Ellis, featuring Robert DeNiro, actor and head of the Tribeca Film Festival.

You can join an upcoming Unframed JR tour of the abandoned hospital complex, where a JR expert will bring the images to life with the real-life stories of their subjects.

“Unframed Ellis Island” by JR, a guided tour of the exhibition inside Ellis Island’s Abandoned Hospital