Rendering Courtesy of FXCollaborative

Whether you are in downtown Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, or anywhere else in New York City, there is a good chance you aren’t far away from a project designed by the renowned architecture firm of FXCollaborative. For over forty years the firm that has been transforming New York City through projects both large and small ranging from infrastructure and transportation to office towers, cultural facilities, educational institutions and interiors. Taking a holistic approach to every project, whether creating something new or adapting a historic structure, the firm incorporates client aspirations, an urban sensibility, and a celebration of the craft of building as well as their commitment to sustainability. Here are 10 innovative projects designed by FXCollaborative in New York City:

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1. Statue of Liberty Museum

Statue of Liberty Museum
Rendering Courtesy of FXCollaborative

Untapped Cities has been closely following the construction of the new Statue of Liberty Museum designed by FXCollaborative. In November of 2018 we were on the scene as the statue’s original torch was relocated to the new museum where it will be a centerpiece of the new structure. The torch will be housed within the museum’s “Inspiration Gallery,” where guests can get a close up look at the iconic symbol while taking in amazing views of the Statue of Liberty and the New York City skyline from the 22-foot tall floor to ceiling windows that encase the gallery. The firm describes the angular design of the 26,000 square-foot museum as an extension of the Island’s existing landscape, making use of building materials native to the Island and those used in the original construction of the Statue of Liberty and Fort Wood, including granite, bronze, and plaster. The roof will feature a meadow of native grasses to create a habitat for local and migrating birds.

Unlike the former museum at the base of the statue which only allows access to a limited number of visitors due to security restrictions, the FXCollaborative designed museum will be open to all visitors to Liberty Island.