8. Public Square

Image Courtesy of FXCollaborative and Sam Schwartz Engineering

Looking towards the future, FXCollaborative envisions an urban space where automated and driverless cars are the norm and space once reserved for parking, will be open for public use. In collaboration with Sam Schwartz Engineering, FXCollaborative has designed a model of a customizable public space that would transform obsolete parking spaces into useable public spaces. The modular design of Public Square incorporates interlocking squares with interchangeable surfaces that can be easy adapted to accomodate different public needs like space for retail stands, bike share stands, and green space. The flexible nature of the design allows for easy access to utilities and compatibility with existing infrastructure, while also introducing new smart-street technology and sustainable features. The design won the 2017 Driverless Future Challenge hosted by City of New York, New Lab, AIANY, and Fast Company.