14. Simone Leigh: Brick House on The High Line

Simone Leigh, Brick House, 2019. A High Line Plinth commission. On view June 2019 – September 2020. Photo by Timothy Schenck. Courtesy the High Line

Located on the High Line at the Spur, at 30th Street and 10th Avenue will soon stand Brick House, a sixteen-foot-tall bronze bust of a black woman. Her head is adorned with an afro and cornrow braids along her hairline. The figure will stand tall atop the Plinth, with an unwavering gaze on 10th Avenue. Brick House is the first work in the series Anatomy of Architecture by Simone Leigh. The series of sculptures will intermingle architectural forms from West Africa to the American South with the human body.

The Spur does not open until June 5th (stay tuned for a behind the scenes construction tour of the Spur and The High Line for Untapped Cities Insiders) but this art installation will be installed imminently and will be visible from the street.