New York City may not be as old as some the cities in Europe, whose catacombs and crypts have become major tourist destinations, but it still boasts a number of places to get spooked if that type of exploration strikes your fancy. While some of these spots are off-limits to the public, others can be easily visited. Some have been known for centuries, and others just discovered in the last few years. And if you haven’t gotten your fill from this article, you can join us on our upcoming tour of the Ghost Stories of the West Village!

1. Catacombs of Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Thanks to heavy tourist promotion, the catacombs of Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Nolita have probably become the most well-known around New York City. We recently overheard French tourists on the Roosevelt Island tram desperately trying to explain to locals how they had been to the “basilique” with the catacombs. Nonetheless, a visit to Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral is still worth it for its Godfather connection (as a filming location), its sheep that “lamb”scape, and a visit to the catacombs with crypts, tombs, and more to entertain the morbidly curious.

Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral is also one of the last places you can still be buried in Manhattan – though for a price of about $7 million, if you want a special spot inside the catacombs, less for a spot in an above-ground columbarium in the cemetery.