5. Staten Island Range Light

The Staten Island Range Light is an example of a rare land-locked lighthouse. Located four miles from the nearest coastline, it serves as the rear range lighthouse for the West Bank Lighthouse five miles to the southeast. It is situated within the neighborhood of Lighthouse Hill and is nearby “Crimson Beech,” the only home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in New York City. The light tower is uniquely picturesque with a construction of brick with stone trimming, a red light and iron balcony.

The Lighthouse began operations in 1912, though most of the structure was completed by 1909, and work continued until 1915. In 1992, local resident, lighthouse enthusiast and historian Joe Esposito volunteered to be the caretaker of the light and served as such until 2001. The light is still in use today, guiding ships through the Ambrose Channel, and the keeper’s house is a private residence.