13. Beyond the Streets

All photos by Dan Bradica courtesy Beyond the Streets

Through September 29th, Beyond the Streets is a veritable museum of street art inside 25 Kent Avenue in Williamsburg featuring a real who’s who of graffiti. It’s an extremely comprehensive exhibition, that “explores the collective urgency of using the street as a canvas for expression.” As such, some of the artists may be associated with art movements beyond street art but are included for their impact.

Names you will have heard of include FUTURA 2000, FREEDOM, INVADER, Gordon Matta-Clark, the Beastie Boys, DAZE, Dennis Hopper, Jean-Michel Basquiat, José Parlá, Keith Haring, Kenny Scharf, LADY PINK, Lee Quiñones, Martha Cooper, Shepard Fairey, Stephen Powers, SWOON, Ron English, TATS CRU, and many more. Thursdays are free at Beyond the Streets to be sure to check this exhibition out before it closes!