18. New Mural at Brooklyn Wholesale Meat Market

Photo courtesy Julie Stein/NYCEDC

Groundswell NYC and NYCEDC have unveiled a new community painted street art mural entitled Making the Sun Rise at Sunset at the Brooklyn Wholesale Meat Market that stretches 2,400 square feet and is over 150 feet long. Groundswell murals incorporate community input from visioning sessions, and this mural addresses a theme on quality jobs in the industrial zone of Sunset Park. The mural is then designed by the Groundswell Mural Team, with lead artist Raul Ayala, and painted with the help of over 100 community participants. This is the second mural produced in partnership between NYCEDC and Groundswell.

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  1. I must mention that Woodhull Hospital is NOT in Queens, but very definitely located in the the Borough of Brooklyn!

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