10. The Trinity Church Graveyard (1681)

Not to be confused with the northern graveyard at Trinity Church, which predates this one, the southern churchyard was in use from 1681 to 1822. It is unclear how many people are buried here, but they include possibly Algonquin Indians who died on this site in a Dutch battle in 1643, numerous Revolutionary War dead, and perhaps the most famous of them all — Alexander Hamilton. Burials stopped in 1822, following a decision by Trinity Church in 1794 to stop new burials except for those that already had a family vault.

Other vaults exist below the church itself, such as the vault of the Bleecker family which were reaccessed after one descendent took decades to access and push for the restoration of the vault which had been “desecrated” by workers.

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This article was published with additional research provided by Ariella Rosen.