4. Stay Overnight in a Giant Elephant

Lucy the Elephant in MargatePhoto courtesy Airbnb

This month along the New Jersey shore, you can stay overnight in Lucy the Elephant, a historic giant elephant that has been decked out by Airbnb. It is a cousin to the famous Coney Island “Elephant Colossus,” a 200-foot tall elephant structure with 31 rooms that once stood proudly and prominently on Surf Avenue.
Lucy’s current caretaker is Richard Helfant, director of the non-profit Save Lucy Committee, proclaimed to the New York Times that Lucy is “the oldest surviving example of zoomorphic architecture on Earth” and she has been designated a national landmark. Inside, it’s a Victorian-era paradise and you can join other famous prior guests like Henry Ford, President Woodrow Wilson and the Sultan of Brunei for just $138 a night. It’s a short-term proposition, as only three dates will be available on March 17, 18 and 19. Bookings will begin on March 5. Airbnb will be making a donation to the Save Lucy Committee.