Bonus: Nassau County Museum of Art

Nassau County Museum of ArtNassau County Museum of Art

Although the actual museum is closed, the Nassau County Museum of Art, about 6 miles from the Queens-Nassau border in Roslyn, features a number of outdoor sculptures, as well as an arboretum and nature trails. Located on the former Frick “Clayton” Estate, the museum receives around 200,000 visitors a year, and many locals travel to the sculpture park daily throughout the quarantine to see works of famous sculptors like Fernando Botero and Richard Serra.

The sculpture garden includes works like Marko Remec’s NYET, made with 16 convex dome mirrors in the shape of a diamond, as well as his 26-foot tall ““Would That I Wish For (Tall Totem).” Tom Otterness, who has three sculptures on Roosevelt Island and throughout mainland Manhattan, also has his large work “Free Money” displayed at the park, as well as Mark di Suvero’s yellow sculpture One Oklock near the museum’s entrance. Also of note is Masayuki Nagare’s Nagare Bachi, Bruno Lucchesi’s Girl on a Bicycle, and Allen Bertoldi’s Redbank 31 – Nassau Variation, which consists of a number of giant square frames lined up across the grass.

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