6. Saddle Rock Grist Mill

Saddle Rock Grist MillSaddle Rock Grist Mill and millpond

The Saddle Rock Grist Mill is perhaps one of Great Neck’s most significant sites, constructed in the 1700s. It is one of Long Island’s few remaining tidal mills, used to grind corn and wheat. The grist mill sits adjacent to a millpond, which flows by the newly-renovated Great Neck Library. The grist mill was eventually sold to the Udall family, who name nearby Udall’s Cove Park Preserve, a Forever Wild preserve. It was then inherited by Louise Eldridge, and after her death, the grist mill became a museum.

However, recently the grist mill has greatly deteriorated, and to this date is remains temporarily closed. Many of the mill’s original structures, including the wheel and floorboards, have been destroyed, but not all hope is lost, as the grindstone and grinding mechanism are still in good condition. Today, the grist mill can be seen from Saddle Rock Park or from the 9/11 Memorial Bridge.