10. A Handful of Keys Mural

A Handful of Keys Mural in Great NeckA Handful of Keys

Great Neck is one of Long Island’s most artistic communities, present in the urban landscape from colorful benches by the town’s plaza to a mural on the side of a parking garage to a headless giraffe sculpture in the Kensington Green. However, perhaps the most well-known public artwork in Great Neck is “A Handful of Keys,” a realistic mural painted by William Cochran. The 17-by-8-foot mural depicts six children with musical instruments about to have their music lessons.

The New York Times considers it a “devilishly well-planned illusion” in the French style of trompe l’oeil, which tricks the mind into believing a flat painting is a real three-dimensional scene. Mayor Jean Celender commissioned Cochran to create the dynamic and realistic mural, which cost over $75,000. Cochran had collected dozens of antique keys from around the world, and he included images of some of them in his mural to symbolize discovery.

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