6. Floating MAiZE at the Winter Garden

Floating Maize at the winter gardenPhoto by Ryan Muir, courtesy of Brookfield Place.

A new piece of vinyl artwork named Floating MAiZE is currently on display at the Winter Garden in Brookfield Place. The installation is the latest piece from the innovative artist Jean Shin. Shin is known for transforming cast-off materials into elegant expressions of place and identity. Floating MAiZE fits the bill in this regard by using recycled vinyl to comment on sustainability in everyday practices as well as within the global ecosystems.

Floating MAiZE engages audiences in a conversation about plastic waste, dietary choices, and environmental stewardship. The installation consists of recycled plastic bottles suspended above the grand staircase in the Winter Garden. The material is arranged to look like an elevated cornfield (hence the name Floating MAiZE) and gives viewers the experience of traveling to an artificial landscape. Shin’s piece is part of the River To River 2020: Four Voices festival.