14. Sacred Heart

Joey at Sacred HeartPhoto: SOPHIE GIRAUD/NETFLIX © 2020

Joey transfers to Sacred Heart, a private school on the Upper East Side at 1 E. 91 Street located in two former Gilded Age mansions belonging to Otto H. Kahn and James A. Burden. The exterior shot of Joey standing outside the school is filmed outside the Loyola School, another private school, on Park Avenue and 83rd Street.

15. Lincoln Center

Grand Army filming locations Lincoln CenterPhoto: JASPER SAVAGE/NETFLIX © 2020

Jayson performs at All-State, taking Owen’s seat. The concert takes place at Lincoln Center, although the scenes are shot elsewhere. This author served as Principal Cellist at New York All-State for three years in high school, and the festival usually takes place outside of New York City (although the All-Eastern Festival she attended took place in the city with the final concert at Carnegie Hall).