12. Westside Market

Another indication that Leila lives in the Upper West Side is the scene where she walks with her mom out of Westside Market, a grocery store located on Broadway and 100th Street, a few blocks south of Columbia University. They have a discussion about Leila’s origin, her Americanized name, her invisibility belonging to neither her original culture or her adopted one, and the fact that she feels like everyone is laughing at her.

13. Prospect Park

Prospect Park underpass in Grand ArmyPhoto: Courtesy of Netflix © 2020

Joey confronts George, Luke, Tim and Anna about what happened in the taxi at one of the Prospect Park underpasses near the entrance to the park at Grand Army Plaza. Prospect Park is designed by the same landscape architects as Central Park and considered by them to be their masterpiece. After the meeting, Joey runs into Dom in front of the Soldiers’ and Sailors Arch and they sit together.