When COVID-19 hit New York City, thousands fled the metropolitan area, famous landmarks and bustling transit hubs were empty, scores of beloved bars and restaurants shuttered for good, and world-class cultural institutions went dark. But despite all of those challenges, and opposed to what some may say about the vitality of the city, New York is not dead. What has kept the heart of New York beating through this difficult time are the New Yorkers who have stayed in the city. One New Yorker has created a way for those who stayed, and are not leaving NYC, to show off their pride for New York City.

not leaving nyc socksPhoto courtesy Charlie O’Donnell

Charlie O’Donnell says he “wanted to find a way to show off my support of New York City and so I got inspired.” His inspiration led to a line of products, from t-shirts and aprons to clocks, pins and gym bags, emblazoned with the phrase “Not Leaving” in a font made up of New York City subway letters and numbers, and a heart like that found in the iconic I Love NY logo. There are even a variety of face masks. “I’m not a designer,” says O’Donnell, “but I just made this logo on Redbubble and put it on a bunch of stuff that I would buy. I just bought the mask, laptop sticker, and a t-shirt. I’ll probably go back for the apron.”

Not Leaving apronPhoto courtesy Charlie O’Donnell

The best part about showing your love for the city by purchasing O’Donnell’s design is that you will also be supporting a good cause. The proceeds from the items sold will be donated to The Partnership for the Homeless, a charity that provides emergency shelter throughout all five boroughs. You can browse and purchase items from O’Donnell’s “Not Leaving” NYC collection here!

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