The Sinner Filming Location at STK MidtownPhoto: Peter Kramer/USA Network

Season three of The Sinner just released on Netflix (it premiered on USA Network last year). Based on the filming locations for The Sinner, you may be surprised to discover that Lieutenant Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) has relocated to the Hudson Valley of New York, in a fictional town called Dorchester. The storyline, a psychological crime investigation, as the previous seasons, takes place between Dorchester and New York City. We put on our eagle eye glasses and share with you the filming locations for The Sinner, season three!

1. Dorchester

Bill Pullman in filming location for The Sinner in DorchesterPhoto: Peter Kramer/USA Network

As mentioned, there is no town of Dorchester in New York. The town is fictional but the show clearly worked with Metro-North (and the MTA) to create signage that looks authentic for the fictional Dorchester train station. The train station scenes, where Ambrose picks up his daughter and granddaughter, and where Jamie Burns (played by Matt Bomer) commutes to and from to his job in New York City, is filmed at the Hartsdale Metro-North train station. The Tudor-style train station was designed by Warren and Wetmore, the same architectural firm behind Grand Central Terminal. There’s a more modern sky bridge that connects the two platforms. Hartsdale, located in Westchester County next to Scarsdale, is also where Malcolm X is buried.

Other parts of Dorchester, like the quaint main street, are filmed Hastings-on-Hudson, a town recently seen in television in the Amazon series Modern LoveThe diner with the neon signage where Ambrose sees artist Sonya Barzel, whose property the accident in question on The Sinner takes place on, is the Hastings Center Restaurant and Diner (renamed Dorchester Diner on the windows). The shop run by Jamie’s pregnant wife (Leela Burns, played by Parisa Fitz-Henley) is the  Found Herbal Apothecary in Hastings-on-Hudson.