6. Chelsea Square Diner

Chelsea Square Diner filming location for The SinnerPhoto: Peter Kramer/USA Network

One of the story lines involved Jamie’s devolving relationship with one of his students, Emma (played by Leyla Felder) who is requesting a recommendation letter for her application to Brown. Jamie, making a connection with his owned failure to complete the first college he attended, counsels her at the Chelsea Square Diner, not to apply to Brown after all for her own mental health and well-being.  The Chelsea Square Diner is located at 368 W 23rd St, on the corner of 9th Avenue and was a film location recently in Succession.
After this meeting, Jamie walks in the rain and seems to consider getting himself hit by a city bus (not quite a recent MTA bus model, by the way). However, this scene is filmed far from the Chelsea Square Diner. It takes place in front of the Corner Bookstore on the Upper East Side, at 1313 Madison Avenue at 93rd Street, just a block from the filming location for the Briarton School.