13. Nassau County

"Little Pot" at Coco Palace
“Little Pot” with Yunnan-style noodles in a pork broth at Coco Palace, which has since closed

Scattered throughout Nassau County are a handful of authentic and delicious Chinese eateries that parallel the quality of places in Flushing and Sunset Park. As more and more Chinese families are settling in Nassau County, particularly the North Shore and central Nassau, the restaurant scene is slowly becoming more and more Asian-focused, with an abundance of Chinese restaurants from many different regions of China.

Although not commonly thought of as one of the region’s Chinatowns, Great Neck near the Queens border includes a line-up of authentic Chinese restaurants. Northern Chinese restaurant New Fu Run offers an expansive menu of everything from green bean sheet jelly to fried blue crab to ribbon fish in brown sauce. Newly-opened Sichuan restaurant Kitchen Melody offers a delicious selection of spicy beef and pork dishes like pork belly in chili sauce and pork kidney.

In nearby New Hyde Park, Chef Wang serves up Sichuan delicacies with cumin lamb, Chongqing diced chicken, and Chengdu spicy fish, as well as more American-style options and sushi. In Glen Cove, recently-opened Zouji Dumpling House offers diners like Northeast Chinese options like crispy pork with ginger, twice-cooked pork, and pork with sour cabbage dumplings. Shanghainese food features prominently on the menu of Blue Wave in Williston Park, which serves traditional Shanghainese entrees like fish head with crystal noodles, Shanghai meatballs with egg yolk, and crispy duck.

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